Fact #1: the subject of online private life does not excite the crowds.

Fact #2: computer & network security is complex.

Fact #3: Most events on this topic are deadly boring.

And yet ... Imagine a cycle of conferences about the security of the connected citizen. Imagine a form adapted to the time of the aperitif, where the public would attend as much to relax as to learn. Let's imagine events focusing on a different practical topic related to our online private lives each time. The Cloud, Internet of Things, data leaks etc. affect us all.

In collaboration with Rotondes we created such a series of events last year and amazingly enough we have been invited back for a 2nd season!

Once again we will be dealing with the most up to date topics of our time and the speakers will have a specific objective: to make the subject digestible. And they will have a method - humor.

Your host Matthieu Farcot, manager of several awareness activities (including hack4kids.lu) as well as lesser interesting stuff such as legal affairs at securitymadein.lu, along with a range of guest experts, will aim to keep the knowledge flowing and the humour rollin', so get comfortable, order a drink and enjoy the ride at Crypto Apero Season 2 - it'll be even better than Netflix & Chill.